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Agnostic Investment Intelligence

Vestun is a Swiss-based technology and science-driven investment management firm targeting pure alpha creation by elaborating systematic investment strategies adaptive to change in regimes and uncorrelated with the underlying market dynamics. In comparison to traditional quantitative investing firms, Vestun’s strategies are prevented from rigid-rules and do not solely rely on prediction made from historical events.

Vestun GmbH
Vestun GmbH

We believe real, meaningful, intuitive market experience and knowledge are important factors in driving alpha. We achieve this through a unique hybrid, knowledge-driven, reasoning-based approach, centered around cognitive models to create intuitive strategies that understand contexts and dynamically adapt their decisions to the prevailing market condition.


Vestun's systematic approach to investing was founded on the belief that financial markets cannot be described with immutable laws of economic and financial theories. Traditional computer-driven models tend to underdeliver in performance as they lack the capability to adapt in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment.

In contrast, the firm’s agnostic system has no conviction about future environments. Our strategies aim to model the fundamental cause-and-effects from the way global economy correlation with the market evolves and how participants think differently.

Vestun GmbH

Our team is built from elite researchers in the field as well as leaders from the industry.

The team combines solid hedge fund and trading experience balanced with deep scientific expertise in commercial AI applications. Our success factor can be attributed to a relentless drive to research new and existing ideas, and the dedication of our talents. Thanks to a team oriented and entrepreneurial culture, we use our intensity and passion to capture opportunities and manage risks within the most competitive markets.



We are students of the market. We value the constant change and feedback, which creates the opportunity for improvement. We never underestimate uncertainty. The light is always on, the work never stops, and the pursuit of new creative ideas is the relentless focus.


We care about our people and place importance on building trustful relationships with our investors. We commit to the highest ethical standards in what we do and comply with good business practices. We take a principles-based approach to support constructive discussions and improve decision-making.


As strong proponent of collective intelligence, we aim to foster efficient collaboration and open innovation. To achieve this, Vestun has been developing innovative technologies which enables reliable and secured collaboration to generate meaningful insights.
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