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    The Next Frontier
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Next-Generation Investment Intelligence

Vestun is a Swiss-based technology and quantitative investment management company targeting pure alpha creation with no market exposure. Driven by science, our future-oriented investable insights are based on cutting edge researches in quantitative finance and artificial intelligence with most technologies developed in-house.

We believe real, meaningful, intuitive market experience and knowledge are important factors in deriving strategies. To enable this, we apply proprietary self-learning and adaptive models to assess market behavior, discover hidden inefficiencies, eliminate the noise and ultimately, revolutionize investment decisions.

Vestun GmbH


Vestun was founded on the belief that current traditional data-driven investment firms have been recently stagnating. Conventional rule-based approaches have been challenged with overfitting while high frequency trading companies have been underperforming as speed is capped and regulation oversight keeps strengthening.

In contrast, we adopt self-learning and adaptative methods to prevent rigid rules and avoid overfitting. Our algorithms detect current market regimes and adjust their behavior accordingly. They autonomously learn from previous results to continuously analyze how better decisions could be predicted going forward. At Vestun, we are not only systemizing a trading strategy, but we are re-creating the entire job of an analyst.

Vestun GmbH

Our team is built from elite researchers in the field as well as leaders from the industry.

Our success can be attributed to a relentless drive to research new and existing ideas, and the focus and dedication of our talents. Thanks to a team oriented and entrepreneurial culture, Vestun has been blessed with unique talents. We use our intensity and passion to capture opportunities and manage risks within the most dynamic and competitive markets.

Every member is responsible for continuously adapting and innovating in ways that we didn’t previously thought were possible. Our Research and Technology teams place their efforts around core competencies while fostering close collaboration across the organization. This approach allows the continuous production of alphas and financial strategies.



We are students of the market. We value the constant markets change and feedback, which creates the opportunity for improvement. We never underestimate our competition. The light is always on, the work never stops, and the pursuit of new creative ideas is the relentless focus.


We care about our people and place importance on building trustful relationships with our partners. We commit to the highest ethical standards in what we do and comply with good business practices. We take a principles-based approach to support constructive discussions and improve decision-making.


As strong proponent of collective intelligence, we aim to foster collaboration and open innovation within the space. To achieve this, Vestun has been developing innovative technologies which enables reliable and secured collaboration on data-science.--Learn More--

See for yourself how the intersection of Finance, and technology in a fast-paced collaborative environment can make for a rewarding career !
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