A diversified technology & investment group 

Vestun Group, builds, invest, operates, and majority-owns businesses in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies.

Founded in 2018, the firm has specialized in numerous segments across both private and public markets.

How we think

Encompassing the seas of change

The group’s major projects and initiatives grew out of the initial activities of Vestun regulated arm, which launched the first quantamental and Al-driven Hedge Fund in 2019. 


Vestun Group continues to expand its operations by investing in and incubating smaller business unit and reinvest into its core Data Science, Al, and analytics assets. 


Major short-term interests include Al and DeepTech, with a long term strategic focus on open ownership economy (Blockchain), Longevity, and Precision Health. 

Our commitment is to create a future where technology and humanity interest harmoniously.

When innovation drives progress, and where the challlenges of today become the opportunities of tomorrow

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