Our management team embody Vestun’s culture of hard work, ethics, and the tireless pursuit of opportunity.

Cayan Asli

Chayan Asli


Chayan is the Founder and CEO at Vestun. He was previously with a systematic trading group, where as a Partner, he managed to successfully build-up and further develop the company’s business both in Switzerland and internationally. Prior to that, he was a proprietary trader at Bright Trading LLC and Quantiacs LLC. Chayan studied M.S in Finance and banking at the university of Neuchâtel and at the Institute of Financial Services Zug, Switzerland.

Stephen Varey

Stephen Varey

Chief Scientist

Stephen brings 25 years of experience in AI leading global technology programs and large-scale R&D initiatives. Prior to joining Vestun, he served as the European lead AI architect at Cognizant where he developed knowledge-based intelligent systems and was awarded for the first of a kind AI reference architecture in the US and Europe at the 2019 AI Breakthroughs. During his career, Stephen developed intelligent systems for the Defense, Aerospace and Financial industry where he implemented market risk engines and black box trading systems for investment banks and hedge funds including HSBS, JP Morgan and Jabre Capital. He graduated in computer science from Warwick (UK) and was a lecturer at Thames valley University.

Pavel Markiv

Pavel Markiv

Research & Technology

Pavel is the Head of Technology and Research at Vestun. Before joining Vestun, Pavel was supervising the technology platform of the investment banking desk at Otkritie Ltd. Prior to that, Pavel was with OSTC Ltd and Atto Technologies Group where he was responsible for implementing low-frequency systematic trading strategies across serveral asset class. He holds an M.S degree in applied science from the National university of Kiev.

Serge Birri

Serge Birri

Quantitative Risk & Research

Serge brings more than 10 years of experience in the financial services industry. Before joining Vestun, he worked as a Business Analyst in the operational risk team at Clariden Leu and as a Requirements Engineer at Credit Suisse AG. Prior to that, he was a Financial Engineer at the structured products execution desk within Picard Angst. Serge holds an MSc in Quantitative Finance from ETHZ/UZH and an MSc in Computational Science from ETH Zurich.

Robert Cristobal

Robert Cristobal

Legal & Compliance

Robert is the Head of Legal and Compliance. He brings 14 years of experience in financial services in both New York and Zurich. Prior to joining Vestun, Robert has served at KPMG and Credit Suisse where he designed, implemented and audited compliance processes and controls for global banks, asset managers and hedge funds. His experience in asset management includes managing the operations of the entire fund lifecycle. He holds an MSc. in Global Banking from Regent’s University in the UK.



We are students of the market. We value the constant markets change and feedback, which creates the opportunity for improvement. We never underestimate our competition. The light is always on, the work never stops, and the pursuit of new creative ideas is the relentless focus.


We care about our people and place importance on building trustful relationships with our partners. We commit to the highest ethical standards in what we do and comply with good business practices. We take a principles-based approach to support constructive discussions and improve decision-making.


As strong proponent of collective intelligence, we aim to foster collaboration and open innovation within the space. To achieve this, Vestun has been developing innovative technologies which enables reliable and secured collaboration on data-science.--More Coming Soon--

See for yourself how the intersection of Finance, and technology in a fast-paced collaborative environment can make for a rewarding career !
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